Civil Law

Civil/Commerical Litigation

Civil law is a broad area of the law that generally refers to contract disputes, business law, and other related matters. While no one wants to imagine themselves in court for any reason, civil matters or disputes can culminate in civil litigation. When this happens, you need a dedicated, experienced, and committed civil litigator on your side. ARTEMiS Law Firm is a group of award-winning Scottsdale attorneys who have what it…
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Healthcare Law

Healthcare professionals provide vital services to their patients, clients, and the general public. Their expert judgment is brought to bear on important care decisions. Due to the unique nature of this work, these professionals operate under highly scrutinized and regulated structures and practices. Arizona healthcare laws can be complicated, but we are here to help you navigate all applicable regulations, licensing, and more. Why you should work with a healthcare law…
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Labor And Employment

Labor and employment laws cover all aspects of the employer/employee relationship. From the initial hiring process to resolving workplace issues and sometimes even parting ways, ARTEMiS Law Firm has experience representing both employers and employees across the spectrum of Arizona employment law issues. Why it's important to work with Arizona employment lawyers Arizona employment laws have evolved to protect both employers and employees in workplace disputes. With each refinement to state…
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