Spousal Support

In Arizona, alimony is called spousal support. There is no automatic calculator or particular formula that a court follows. A court will consider, among other things, these factors:

– Length of marriage

– Age and earning ability of the spouses

– Standard of living during the marriage

– Ability to pay spousal support

– Contribution to the marriage

Spousal support for those with special needs children requires a special approach.


The attorneys at ARTEMiS Law Firm know that you would rather spend your hard-earned money caring for your child. We will take special care to keep attorneys’ fees to a minimum, including approaching mediation and settlement in good faith.

Our attorneys want to do what is in you and your child’s best interests, and sometimes that means settling a case early and other times it includes litigation and going to court. Please give us a call to discuss our approach to billing and prices for a divorce.

Attention to your matter

The attorneys of ARTEMiS Law Firm cap the number of divorce clients accepted at any one time because we want to ensure that each client gets the individualized attention they deserve.

We know that a divorce is one of the most stressful events you may face in your life, and we want all of our clients to know we will give their matter the individualized attention it deserves. Get in touch today to learn more about how we can help.

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