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We all know that raising a family is challenging. When one of your loved ones requires special needs services, the challenges (and rewards!) double. A standard, cookie-cutter approach to divorce, trusts, guardianships, and child support proceedings often does not work. A special needs lawyer can help. Here’s what you should know about special needs cases.

Why you should work with an Arizona special needs lawyer

In Arizona, the availability of special needs services recognizes the stress that can accompany raising a child with special needs or managing an adult’s ongoing, long-term care. Showing that your loved one qualifies for those services, though, is sometimes a daunting task.

An Arizona special needs lawyer who is familiar with federal and state benefits and services and knows how to apply them to your situation can make all the difference. Attorneys familiar with special needs laws and regulations also know how to navigate complex disputes between family members who are trying to come to a decision about the best care for a loved one with special needs.

For example, in a divorce case, ongoing care and decision-making for minor children is often a source of ongoing conflict. With a case involving a special needs child, a lawyer must know how to navigate state or federal benefits and help families reach decisions about long-term care and additional education or medical support.

Even the most competent family law attorney may not know the intricacies of planning for the long-term care of a child or adult with special needs. A special needs lawyer understands these complexities and brings their expertise to each case. A family law attorney who is also familiar with special needs laws can be invaluable.

How we help at ARTEMiS Law Firm

ARTEMiS Law Firm has advanced experience helping families with special needs.

We know that each family’s situation is unique. We help represent your family and child(ren) in many different special needs cases, including:

– Special needs trusts

– Special needs adoptions

– Child support for advanced medical or care needs

– Parenting time and legal decision-making agreements

– Disability benefits

– Special needs guardianships

One area of special needs law that families often need assistance navigating is disability benefits. At ARTEMiS Law Firm, our attorneys manage applications and appeals with the Arizona Department of Economic Security (DES), Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD).

We can help you determine if your family is eligible for benefits and help you apply for them. Should the decision to grant benefits not go your way, we can help you appeal the court’s decision.

For families adopting a child with special needs, we also provide legal support and protection for you and your family as you navigate this transition. The decision to open your home to a child with special needs comes with joy. However, it can also hold practical challenges. We can help you understand and plan for those challenges, both now and in the future.

Why we’re different

ARTEMiS Law Firm is one of the few law firms in Arizona that has personal and professional experience with special needs family law.

We understand how to navigate the court system to get your child (or adult loved one) with special needs the support they need. We are compassionate and educated special needs attorneys who will be steadfast legal advocates for your family.

ARTEMiS Law Firm is a special needs law firm that recognizes, understands, and celebrates all of the ways a family can be different.

If you are looking for a special needs lawyer who will work diligently and compassionately for your family’s best interests, give us a call today.