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Arizona Employment Law And Labor Matters | ARTEMiS Law Firm

Labor and employment laws cover all aspects of the employer/employee relationship. From the initial hiring process to resolving workplace issues and sometimes even parting ways, ARTEMiS Law Firm has experience representing both employers and employees across the spectrum of Arizona employment law issues.

Why it’s important to work with Arizona employment lawyers

Arizona employment laws have evolved to protect both employers and employees in workplace disputes. With each refinement to state and local laws, this employment relationship becomes more complex.

A highly qualified labor and employment attorney can resolve disagreements to ensure that everyone’s rights are preserved.

How ARTEMiS Law Firm can help

At ARTEMiS Law Firm, we recognize the sensitive nature of issues surrounding Arizona employment law. We can help you better understand your legal options when your basic rights have been violated.

We represent a wide range of matters related to labor and employment laws, including:

– Complaints to or violations of provisions set forth by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

– Ensuring compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

– Representing employees in cases of workplace discrimination: Whether the discrimination is a violation of the ADA, the FMLA, or other employee protections, we help support employees who have suffered from discrimination in the workplace.

– Disputes regarding wages and work hours: We help develop fair and legal solutions to these disputes.

– Sexual harassment claims: In this important area of employment law, we are committed to helping protect victims.

– Wrongful termination: In a right-to-work state like Arizona, employees can still file wrongful termination suits, but to do so, a skilled wrongful termination attorney is a must.

– Non-compete and other employment agreements: While drafting these types of contracts fall under the category of business law, resolving disputes about such provisions occurs in litigation. At ARTEMiS Law Firm, we are highly skilled in both areas and can assist in many different types of employment agreements.

– Whistleblower protection: Whistleblowers are federally protected from retaliation—we help enforce these protections for our clients.

For employers, our goal is to make sure you are in compliance with anti-discrimination and other labor and employment laws so you can ensure a safe and equitable work environment for your employees. We’re skilled at navigating complex disputes, and can help you understand your legal options when contentious issues arise.

Arizona Employment Law And Labor Matters | ARTEMiS Law Firm

Why we’re different

Our award-winning Scottsdale employment attorneys have real-world experience in labor and employment laws. Before she started our practice, our founder Victoria Ames was the Chief Executive Officer of Make-A-Wish Foundation International, where she handled a multitude of employment related issues including navigating the complex world of labor and employment laws in over 30 different countries.

ARTEMiS Law Firm knows what it is like to be on both sides of the desk, and we are ready to represent you. We have real-world experience when it comes to labor and employment disputes, and always provide thoughtful and compassionate representation.

If you are looking for an Arizona employment and labor attorney to represent you in an employment dispute, contact ARTEMiS Law Firm today to learn more about how we can help.

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