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Healthcare professionals provide vital services to their patients, clients, and the general public. Their expert judgment is brought to bear on important care decisions. Due to the unique nature of this work, these professionals operate under highly scrutinized and regulated structures and practices. Arizona healthcare laws can be complicated, but we are here to help you navigate all applicable regulations, licensing, and more.

Why you should work with a healthcare law attorney

If you work as a physician, nurse, or other medical provider, you’re familiar with many healthcare regulations and how they affect your job. First responders like paramedics, police, and firefighters, however, may not always be aware of the healthcare regulations and compliance issues that apply to their job until it is too late.

Along with this, healthcare laws and various regulations are constantly changing. For example, Arizona healthcare legislation has brought with it a host of changes when it comes to licensing and other professional matters. These changes benefit the community as a whole, but they can be difficult to stay abreast of as an individual.

Working with a healthcare attorney ensures that you understand all of the regulations and laws that apply to you. This way, you can focus on better serving your community.

How we help at ARTEMiS Law Firm

ARTEMiS lawyers focus on three main areas of healthcare law: HIPAA matters, patients’ rights and confidentiality, and professional licensing and discipline.

HIPAA matters

Our attorneys at ARTEMiS Law Firm regularly advise our clients on HIPAA compliance requirements. We provide compliance counseling on the application and interpretation of the HIPAA Privacy Rule, Security Rule, and Electronic Standard Transactions and Code Sets Rule.

For our clients who are covered entities under HIPAA, we review and revise HIPAA compliant documents. This may include notices of privacy practices and authorizations for the use and disclosure of protected health information.

Patients’ rights and confidentiality

We’re also committed to helping protect a patient’s rights and the confidentiality of their healthcare records, to the extent allowed by law. We can help your practice create comprehensive policies and standards to manage the confidential information of your patients.

Also related to these matters is:

– Information and advice related to informed consent

– Withholding or terminating treatment policies

– Best practices for the retention, disclosure, and confidentiality of medical records

We also prepare and review informed consent forms, policies, and procedures regarding informed consent, release forms for medical records, and the withholding or termination of treatment for healthcare practices.

Professional licensing and discipline

Our attorneys at ARTEMiS Law Firm have experience representing physicians, dentists, nurses, physical therapists, first responders, and other healthcare professionals in licensing and discipline matters. We also have experience crafting formation documents and agreements for healthcare facilities.

We have also represented healthcare professionals before state licensing and regulatory boards and in complex business disputes. As our practice is geared towards helping professionals, we do not generally handle medical malpractice claims for individuals.

Why we’re different

Our attorneys understand the unique legal contexts in which healthcare professionals operate. We have experience in dealing with both their day-to-day legal and regulatory obligations and occasional high-stakes legal disputes.

Victoria Ames is a highly qualified healthcare attorney who specializes in HIPAA compliance and other issues. She frequently trains healthcare professionals and first responders about their industry and regulatory obligations so that they can do their jobs effectively and in compliance with all laws.

At ARTEMiS Law Firm, we are passionate about helping the healthcare community navigate complex regulatory requirements.

ARTEMiS Law Firm can help you understand the finer point of healthcare laws and how they apply to you. Get in touch today!