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Civil law is a broad area of the law that generally refers to contract disputes, business law, and other related matters. While no one wants to imagine themselves in court for any reason, civil matters or disputes can culminate in civil litigation. When this happens, you need a dedicated, experienced, and committed civil litigator on your side. ARTEMiS Law Firm is a group of award-winning Scottsdale attorneys who have what it takes to help you win your Arizona civil litigation case.

Our approach to civil litigation

How we approach civil litigation at ARTEMiS Law Firm sets us apart from many other law firms.

We believe in a data-focused approach to all civil litigation matters. Our belief in fair and equitable results means we use state of the art technologies to sift through the facts of your case, backing up all of our claims with data that leads to actionable results.

Our advanced experience in civil litigation includes litigating cases of all sizes, from multiple year cases that go through intense litigation and negotiation to smaller, less contentious cases. With expert skills in negotiation and mediation, we know when to utilize our network of highly trusted, top-tier expert witnesses to help support your case.

While skillfully handling your civil litigation is what we do, who we are is transparent, honest, and trustworthy. Everything we do on your behalf is informed by these basic principles.

What we do

ARTEMiS Law Firm handles most Arizona civil litigation matters, including those related to:

– Business disputes involving contracts, employment, and corporate structure/dissolution

– Fraud and misrepresentation

– Negligence and bad faith

– Defamation and discrimination

We appear in state and federal trial and appellate courts as well as before administrative boards.

While we seek to resolve matters without litigation whenever possible through mediation, settlement, or arbitration, ARTEMiS Law Firm attorneys are fierce and persistent litigators when the situation calls for it, with the resources to handle intense litigation. Our dedicated litigation team and great support staff are committed to your case, however long it takes.

Scottsdale Civil Litigation Attorneys at ARTEMiS Law Firm

Get help for your civil litigation case

Civil litigation can be complex, and selecting the right attorney from the beginning is important.

We want to make sure that we are the best firm for your case, which is why we start with an in-depth consultation from the start. During this first meeting, we review your claims and defenses to determine if and how we can help. Even if we do not work together, the process of speaking with an attorney can help you better understand some general legal guidelines and outline your options as you move forward.

At ARTEMiS Law Firm, what sets us apart is our belief that you deserve a straightforward and honest explanation of the road ahead.

Civil litigation can be long, expensive, and arduous. We want you to know not only what to expect as we move forward, but also that when we do decide to work together, our attorneys are committed to getting a fair and equitable resolution for you.

If you are heading towards civil litigation and need to know your options, get in touch with ARTEMiS Law Firm today.

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